The goal of this class is two-fold. First, to introduce you to core database concepts (e.g., data modeling, logical design, SQL) so that you too can build a billion dollar application. Second, to teach enough about database engine internals (e.g., physical database design, query optimization, transaction processing) so you have a good sense of why queries may be running slowly/incorrectly.

Advanced Assignments There will several optional extra-credit assignments that will dive deeper into concepts introduced in class. Some of them will involve extending a simple Python-based database engine with additional functionality! They are labeled AA# in the schedule. There is no obligation to do these, but they are available if you want to do then in addition to, or in lieu of the normal assignments.

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22-Jan Intro
optional: Textbook Ch 1
HW 0
24-Jan Entity-Relationship Modeling : ER Modeling
optional: Textbook Ch 2
HW 1
Project 1 Part 1.
HW 0 Fri 1/25 10AM
You will receive a 0 in this class if HW0 not completed on time -- no exceptions

Deadline to sign up for proj1 matching system 1/25 11:59PM est
29-Jan Entity-Relationship Modeling + Nonrelational Models : More constraints, using ER models
optional: Textbook Ch 2
31-Jan Relational Model : Dawn before time: non relational models.
optional: What goes around comes around
optional: NoSQL data modeling techniques
optional: Textbook Ch 3
AA1 Formed team for Project 1 (no deliverable)

HW 1 Part 1 (ER diagram) 10AM (digital copy)
5-Feb Relational Model : ER and Relational Review.
optional: What goes around comes around
optional: Textbook Ch 3
Project 1 Part 1 approval phase
7-Feb ER to Relational Model Demo
optional: Original Relational Model paper
optional: Textbook Ch 3
Project 1 Part 1 approval phase
12-Feb Relational Algebra
optional: Textbook Ch 4
Project 1 Part 1 approval phase
14-Feb Relational Alg
optional: Textbook Ch 4
Project 1 Part 2.
Project 1 Part 1 10AM digital copy
AA1 10AM
15-Feb HW1 Part 2 Schema 11:59PM
19-Feb SQL: Basics, Joins
optional: Textbook Ch 5
21-Feb SQL: Aggregations, Order by and UDFs
optional: Textbook Ch 5
HW 2
26-Feb SQL: Triggers, WITH, Views.
optional: Textbook Ch 5
Midterm f18 (sol)
Midterm sp16 (sol)
Midterm f15 (sol)
28-Feb SQL: WITH, review
optional: Textbook Ch 5
5-Mar Midterm Review HW 2 Due 10AM.
7-Mar Midterm: closed book : one 8x11 page cheat sheet both sides
optional: Textbook Midterm (sol)
Project 1 Part 3
HW 3
12-Mar APIs: DBAPIs, Impedance Mismatches, SQL Injection
optional: Textbook Ch 6
AA2 10AM
14-Mar Normalization: Redundancy, Functional dependencies
optional: Textbook Ch 19
AA3 Project 1 Part 2 Fri 10AM
26-Mar Normalization: Normalization algorithms
optional: Textbook Ch 19
28-Mar Physical Design : Disk storage, Basic Files
optional: Textbook Ch 8
2-Apr Physical Design : Index files and costs
optional: Textbook Ch 8
4-Apr Query Proc : Query plans, statistics, join algorithms
optional: Textbook Ch 12
HW 4 HW 3 10AM
AA3 10AM (extended: 4/8 10AM)
9-Apr Query Proc : Join algorithms and Selinger
optional: Selinger Paper
optional: Textbook Ch 12
11-Apr Transaction Processing : Concurrency Control
optional: Textbook Ch 16
16-Apr Transaction Processing : Concurrency Control
optional: Textbook Ch 16
Midterm 2 F15 (sol)
Midterm 2 S16 (sol)
Project 2
Project 1 Part 3 10AM
18-Apr Transaction Processing : Recovery
optional: Textbook Ch 18
23-Apr Misc Lecture : TBA HW 4 2:30PM
25-Apr Review
30-Apr Exam 2 (Cumulative): Closed Book : 1 page cheat sheet both sides. 309 Havemeyer
2-May No lecture AA4 10AM
Project 2 10AM